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Apr 08 2015

a little something

Something is better than nothing when it comes to fitness. 10 push-ups against the bathroom counter are better than no push-ups at all. Logging steps by doing housework may not be as intense as taking a power walk, but it's better than binging on Neflix-- and whatever snacks accompany said binge. 

I am injured (due to time and age, not Pilates), and generally demoralized. The idea of a full, exuberant workout is not only difficult to fit into my hectic schedule, but also more than a little daunting. In order to halt the internal monologue of "If I can't workout hard, why bother working out at all?", I am playing a little game with myself. The Something Is Better Than Nothing game. So I am adding little "somethings" throughout my day, like countertop push-ups every time I go into the bathroom. Ten every time. And, if I can, ten dips off the side of the bathtub. I'm also working on my hydration, so that means plenty of bathroom visits.

I am trying to identify pockets of time where little things can be added in. Standing and staring at the coffee pot? Abs in, deep breaths. Waiting for water to boil? Countertop push-ups. Between coats of nail polish? Standing kicks. On hold with the cable company? Arm weights without weights. Imaginary jump rope. Jumping Jacks. Marching. Marching and twisting with high knees. Calf raises. Burpees are not my thing, but are a good option. Balancing on one foot. I've even come up with a few things to do while sitting in a parked car, if I can resist the lure of Free Cell on my phone. And I'm keeping my hula hoop out, so I can do that while my family is watching TV.

Here's the deal:  none of these things are hard. I rarely do any one thing long enough to break into a sweat. But at the end of another day when I couldn't find dedicated workout time, I can fall asleep knowing I did better than nothing. Maybe by the end of the week I'll have clocked in an hour or two more of exercise. That's way better than nothing. And there is something about doing something, no matter how small, that makes you want to do more.

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