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Mar 03 2014

Why You Should Workout Every Single Day

If you're still reading, thank you. This is not a judgy blog. Glass houses, as they say. But hear me out. The reason to workout every single day is that, for me at least, every day I am presented with a different body.

I am not taller or (much) fatter or dramatically different on a daily basis-- at least not to the naked eye. I am, however, capable of some things on one day that I am not capable of the next. I hope that this is not just the lucky part of being me (and over 40). I hope I am not alone.

Some days my workout really works out. My body obeys what my mind orders it to do. I occasionally achieve flow. It rocks. Other days, I am panting and unable to get through the Series of Five without resting my head between each exercise. Because I don't awake with the awareness of what kind of day it will be, I have to workout every single day. Or nearly that. If I don't plug through all the sluggish, sore, non-flow days, I may never get to the great days. And some of them are really great. Truly.

Some days I feel great, but the workout doesn't reflect that. Other days I surprise myself by being strong on a down-seeming day. So even if it's just The Amy Special of 20-something minutes, I do it. I could stumble upon a moment of greatness. And who wouldn't want that?

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