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Oct 14 2013


this stuff will make you strong

"If you're not careful, this stuff will make you strong." — Kirk Smith

The Advanced Reformer is behind me for the day, for the first time in months. I am humbled by the power of Pilates to make every moment of a workout count, even those moments when I am lying still, panting. I am humbled by my body’s ability to work, despite months of mistreatment. I am ready to be back among the living, where living means embodying the Pilates lifestyle.

Workouts have been derailed for months, due to injury and ensuing depression. I am over it. Today was bootstrap day, thanks in no small part to my mother’s asking yesterday, “Are you pregnant?” I am 44 years old and officially sterilized. She knows it. Enough with the rest and hoping to recuperate. Today was the day to practice what I’ve been preaching for 13 years as a Pilates instructor, and modify my workout to suit the body I have today. And that body was a lot less injured than I thought it would be. Other than lightening my springs and shortening some range of motion, the workout was intact. Tendon Stretch still sucks, but I did it. Will put that one on my bucket list for 2014: Perform Tendon Stretch Without Humiliation.

In the meantime, I am happy to report that I felt the prickle that comes just before my body breaks into a sweat, followed a bit later by the lovely sensation of sweat dripping off the end of my nose during Russian Splits. I have missed that. I never thought I would, but I did. Today I am so happy to have a body that doesn’t fall down and is limber and is remarkably taller than before I worked out. And now I don’t need coffee to make it through the afternoon without collapse (but I might have some anyway). I love that Pilates doesn’t just feel good when I’m done. It feels good while I’m doing it. Every exercise makes everything about me feel a little bit better, taller, steadier. Steady is good; steady is the better part of strong.

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