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About Amy

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Amy Bergesen, PhD
Authentic Pilates Instructor
MAT Jumpstart Trainer
Co-Creator FaceTonics™

As an avid teacher and follower of Pilates since 2000, I have found that Muscle Activation Techniques™ enhance the benefits of Pilates by correcting muscular imbalances and assisting symmetry. My FaceTonics™ regimen works in conjunction with Pilates and MAT by creating muscle strength and balance in the face, neck, and upper body while simultaneously imparting muscle tone and lift to the face. Pilates, MAT, and FaceTonics™ are the trifecta to creating a stronger, healthier, more vibrant you.

I am co-editor of the 2013 publication, Voices of Classical Pilates: Collected Essays, and currently chair the Education Committee of the Authentic Pilates Union.